Amplify Fund's original vision focused on "a reality where Black, indigenous, people of color, and low-income people benefit from the changes caused by development, including wealth creation, land control, and quality of life outcomes." While this original vision served us well, it was written in 2018 by funders and staff. In 2021, adhering to our value of positioning local leaders as decision-makers, we asked a committee of grantees to re-write our vision.

In some ways, the grantees expanded Amplify's vision: They included marginalized communities not named in the original vision, and they added "holistic well-being" and "human dignity" to our funding areas.

Grantees also made our vision bolder by naming "power" (e.g., encouraging us to acknowledge that power already exists in these communities but need to be continuously maintained and built) and by changing "land control" to "land justice."

We are excited to implement this grantee-designed vision for the next ten years!