Low-wage workers are in crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has only magnified long-term trends carving away at the already sparse economic security, social protections, and safety of low-wage workers, most especially who identify as Black, Latinx, immigrant, women, or transgender. For those without work, the situation is even more dire, with the ranks of unemployed only growing, particularly among Black and Latinx populations. While one may assume such a crisis would have ushered in political unity, decision-makers from the Hill have struggled to meet the needs of workers and provide real relief - which in turn ties the hands of local and state governments. Why have even seemingly non-partisan worker issues like universal paid sick leave faltered in the US, and what can be done?

To make sense of the prospects for more responsive policy, the Ford Foundation supported Hart Research Associates for an in-depth survey of national decision-makers about potential bipartisan policy opportunities to improve conditions for low-wage workers in the COVID-19 crisis. Join us on Thursday, October 22, 2020 from 2:30-3:30pm (Eastern) for an important opportunity to learn the key findings from Abigail Davenport and Aileen Cardona of Hart Research Associates. Rebecca Dixon, Executive Director of the National Employment Law Project and José García of the Ford Foundation will share responses to the key findings, and lead a conversation on how funders can best support low-wage workers considering this latest research and urgent context.

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Oct 22, 2020

11:30 am - 12:30 pm