We are excited to announce the launch of Philanthropy Forward's Cohort 4 in partnership with The Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions!

Philanthropy Forward is a CEO fellowship community for visionary leaders who center racial and gender justice and community power building to disrupt and transform the future of philanthropy. This fellowship brings together CEOs of foundations who are supporting racial and gender justice and community power building to make deeper change at the individual, organizational, and philanthropic field levels.


Philanthropy Forward Cohort 4 (2)


  • Bethany Johnson-Javois, she/her, Deaconess Foundation
  • Brenda Sears, she/her, Voqal
  • Carmen James Randolph, she/her, Women's Foundation of the South
  • Chi-Ante Singletary, she/her, Kolibri Foundation
  • George L. Askew, MD, he/him, The Meyer Foundation
  • Jane W Kimondo, she/her, Crossroads Fund
  • Jawanza Malone, he/him, Wieboldt Foundation
  • Katie Carter, she/her, Pride Foundation
  • Marissa Tirona, she/her, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees
  • Michelle Morales, she/her, Woods Fund Chicago
  • Qiana Thomason, she/her, Health Forward Foundation
  • Repa Mekha, he/him, Nexus Community Partners
  • Roberto Tijerina, he/him/el, Kolibri Foundation
  • Sarah Walczyk, she/her, Satterberg Foundation
  • Sharon Bush, she/her, Grand Victoria Foundation



With a framework focused on liberated gatekeeping, accountability practices, and strategic risk taking, Philanthropy Forward is a dedicated space for leaders to organize together and boldly advance the transformed future of the sector. This growing fellowship of visionary CEOs from progressive philanthropic institutions is aligning to to disrupt and transform the future of philanthropy.

Philanthropy Forward is a joint initiative started in 2018 by Neighborhood Funders Group and The Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions.