Neighborhood Funders Group first introduced you to our Racial Capitalism Community of Practice, which is hosted by NFG’s Funders for a Just Economy, in our August newsletter. Now we’re sharing key takeaways on what a non-racialized economy means from this six month-long cohort in which 20 people representing seven foundations and NFG participated.

Our first Racial Capitalism Community of Practice explored the historical underpinnings and current impact of racial capitalism, and imagined what a world without racial capitalism would look like. What could communities look like without systemic extraction, violence, and deprivation? What opportunities and possibilities could emerge?

This exploration also challenged funders to think about what grantmaking could look like if extractive practices were removed and more trusting, flexible, and liberatory practices were implemented. They shared the vital importance of a space to build community with other funders to dream, scheme, and strategize together. The Community of Practice allowed participants to have transparent conversations about priorities and grantmaking practices, share challenges and possible solutions, and learn how individual funders could move in their power to work toward those solutions.

At NFG, we strive to expand both our political education and practice, moving in tandem with our members to do the same. How are you imagining the ways that philanthropy could move differently, in ways that adds to and bolsters community, rather than extracting from and asking movements to prove themselves?

We invite you to actively participate in NFG programs as we co-conspire to build toward this vision.