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Micah Blaise


Senior Director of Development

As Senior Director of Development, Micah leads NFG’s resource development work, ensuring that members and staff have what they need to help liberate philanthropic assets and support the visionary movements of our day.

Before joining NFG, Micah served as Deputy Development Director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Care in Action. There, she was honored to serve as a lead fundraiser for the domestic workers’ movement and to help grow and support a talented cross-entity development team. Previously, she served as the Resource Organizing Director for queer liberation organization Southerners on New Ground, where she helped launch SONG Power and served as a founding member of the Southern Power Fund steering committee.

Micah has contributed to feminist, anti-racist, and faith-based organizing in her home state of South Carolina and across the South since 2006. She worked as a special education teacher with a radical agenda and directed an alternative to incarceration program for girls and trans youth in the Lowcountry. Today, Micah lives with her family in Asheville, North Carolina, where she grows roses along the fenceline and explores creeks with her children.