A save the date banner for the CHANGE Philanthropy Unity Summit on October 25-28, 2021, featuring a colorful illustration of the Minneapolis, Minnesota skyline.

Save the date — registration launches soon!

Join the CHANGE Philanthropy community for a virtual convening with roots in Minneapolis, MN! As a core partner of CHANGE Philanthropy, Neighborhood Funders Group is excited for this year's Unity Summit where all attendees can participate as thought leaders and philanthropic activists.

Over 2,000 participants will join to expand their individual and institutional practice in order to advance equity with an intersectional lens, and with community at the center of our efforts. Through the blend of our voices, movement leaders' wisdom, audacious vulnerability and a commitment to action, our time together at the Unity Summit will be inspiring and transformative.

The 2021 Unity Summit will be held virtually for all participants. Minneapolis, MN and the local communities there continue to be an anchor to our planning and our virtual “host” city. The CHANGE Philanthropy coalition is committed to bringing you the experiences and opportunities that you’ve come to expect from Unity Summit. The experience will foster networking, joy and expanding individual and institutional practice. We remain focused on advancing equity through the 2021 Unity Summit, and to our commitment to intersectionality and placing community at the center of our efforts.

Go to changeunitysummit.org for more information, sign up for updates, and virtual event FAQs. 

CHANGE Philanthropy is committed to accessibility for all people.

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Oct 25, 2021