As the number of movement and nonprofit organizations that are in a period of leadership transition grows, one common practice of funders - “wait and see” - is failing organizations just when they need extra support. Given that many previously white-led organizations are hiring their first BIPOC leaders, this strategy can have an even more destabilizing effect.

At our April Member Call, NFG is excited to bring together some of our members who have been collaborating to address this issue and ensure that BIPOC-led organizations in a transition period are receiving the funding that they need. We’ll be joined by Liz Sak at The Cricket Island Foundation, Shawnda Chapman at Ms. Foundation for Women, Lori Bezahler at the Edward W. Hazen Foundation, and Melissa Sines at Leading Forward for a values-driven and action-oriented session about the practical strategies they’re using to support BIPOC leadership in the nonprofit sector and to learn more about their funder organizing efforts to call for a broader shift in grantmaker practices.

Please note this NFG Member Call is for grantmakers. 

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April 30 Member Call Speakers

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Apr 30, 2024

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET