We know that philanthropy is inequitable with resources flowing to larger, white-led organizations. Only 4% of $472 Billion moved to communities of color in 2020. It can be difficult for funders to find groups to fund that are outside their existing networks. And it can be costly for organizations and funders to seek and distribute funding. 

NFG is excited to share a tool to address these problems at our first Member Call of 2024. We’ll be joined by Shona Chakravartty at The Hill-Snowdon Foundation, Molly Schultz Hafid at Butler Family Fund, and Iara Peng at JustFund for an interactive demo and discussion about how to use technology to move more money quickly to your grantees. Please note this call is for grantmakers.

An event invitation for New year, New Tools for Moving Money. It features the event title and time, and headshots of the speakers.

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Jan 24, 2024

10:00 am - 11:00 am PT



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