Dear friend,

I’m immensely proud of the ways that Neighborhood Funders Group pairs principle with practice in a myriad of ways — in our programmatic priorities, relationships with movement, collaboration as colleagues, and even internal operations. As a community organizer, I know that fighting the violent systems that structure our society is grueling work. I’ve also seen us win, whether it’s mutual aidfreeing our folks from prisons and detention centers, telling our own stories, or building collective national power — all while finding ways to cultivate joy and healing. I feel grounded in the belief that funders can organize the sector to cede power and liberate resources - and that we are strategizing on ways to do just that here at NFG, together.

Community organizing is a mechanism toward resisting systems of oppressive power and fighting for self-determination so that communities have what they need to thrive. NFG’s dedication to lifting the importance of community organizing is two-fold: organizing is central to creating change and shifting power, and is immensely difficult, long-term work that is also significantly underfunded by philanthropy.

Across all parts of our organizations, there is necessary work to do. And it's time for funders to show up with deep solidarity (and resources) to support community organizing and movements.

Join me for an intentional political education and funder organizing space to learn more about why philanthropy must do things differently, and how. See details here.

In community,
- Neda