Access, Accomodations, and Disability Statement of Intent

In organizing the Nashville Learning Visit, we aim to create a space where Disabled/chronically ill and Deaf folks shouldn’t need to pass as being able-bodied, healthy or from hearing culture, in order to be present or to participate fully. We arrived at this goal knowing that Disability surrounds us all, is in many ways what is most familiar to us; bodies and minds with differences, chronic illness and Deafness. Ableism lives and breathes at the hub of racism, poverty, displacement, violence, incarceration, state control and more; we chose to begin the work of re-centering Disability into our analysis and anti -ableism into our practice.

We are determined in our attempt to create a learning visit informed by the truth that we all lose when Disabled/ill voices and politics are not present. We are clear that the embedding of Disability politics and anti-ableism as issues of racial, economic, Trans and gender justice requires time, exposure, political will and persistence - this is our beginning.

We have a long way to go, yet we continue to seek becoming a place where passing is not required for credibility, and participation or value is not dependent upon assimilation.

We are excited to extend this invitation to join us as NFG leans into Disability and build intentionally towards anti-ableism as a core value and implemented principle of action.

Event Details


Sep 21, 2020