Despite being underfunded, Black, Indigenous, and immigrant communities of color are leading transformational campaigns in New York State, particularly in rural geographies. Seven percent of philanthropic funding reaches rural communities. Historically, non-white communities receive even less philanthropic support. Rural organizers of color advance deep canvassing work in and outside of election cycles and continue to be overlooked and underresourced.

As funders, we know you are committed to supporting meaningful narrative change and civic engagement strategies. The Integrated Rural Strategies Group (IRSG) invites you to the launch of its New York Rural Organizing Portfolio, our new aligned funding project to collectively resource rural community organizing infrastructure featuring thirteen organizations from across nine regions of New York State.

Join us and meet the folks at the heart of this work: Black and Indigenous folks reclaiming their sovereignty by fighting land dispossession and criminalization and farm workers and immigrant rights advocates resourcing mutual aid and policy implementation without adequate state funding. New York’s most progressive legislative wins stand on their shoulders – often without recognition for the immense knowledge they hold, adversity they face, diversity they represent, and power they are cultivating and nurturing.

Organizations and speakers featured include:

Alianza Agricola
Alliance of Families for Justice
Black Love Resists in the Rust
Eastern Farm Workers Association
For the Many
Justice for Migrant Families
Mujeres Divinas
Rural Migrant Ministry
SEPA Mujer
Shinnecock Indian Nation
Soul Fire Farm
Tompkins County Workers' Center
Workers Center of Central New York

This hour-long event will be followed by a 30-minute Q+A for funders to learn how to join and resource this new NFG portfolio hosted by Just Fund.


Event Details


Jun 27, 2024

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET