I am so honored to say hello to you as the Program Manager of the Midwest Organizing Infrastructure Funders (Midwest Program) at Neighborhood Funders Group. I shifted into this role from Sr. Program Coordinator last month, a transition that has paralleled the Midwest's journey into spring.

In recent years, I have begun gardening vegetables, which has been a deeply grounding way to learn the lessons of spring and its unpredictability. This year, germinating my little seedlings are (re)teaching me that abundance is rooted is daily acts of care, adaption, and trust.

In addition to the arrival of spring, so much is changing around us: multiple pandemics taking new forms, dangerous shifts in the landscape of building reproductive justice and freedom, emboldened white supremacist attacks, and growing insatiability of empire. And, the Midwest Program remains committed to the ways we are boldly envisioning and organizing towards a robustly resourced Midwest organizing infrastructure that is advancing racial, gender, economic, climate, and disability justice.

We are excited to co-conspire with you to plant seeds of a new, abundant world by asking ourselves sharper questions around how philanthropy can hold daily practices of care, adaption, and trust with movements.

I hope our newsletter content below will nurture these questions. I am so grateful for the partners that contributed content to this newsletter, and hope that we can continue to co-create this resource together.

Thank you for being in community with the Midwest Program and I would love to connect with you to discuss how we can be in collaboration.

Amanda Hwu Signature Midwest Newsletter