NFG’s newest program, the Midwest Organizing Infrastructure Funders, kicked off in 2021 to remedy racial inequities in the region by increasing funder coordination and investment in grassroots organizing, advocacy, and civic engagement.

Historically, the Midwest has played a key role in U.S. politics. In more recent years, the Midwest has served as a bellwether for national politics and a key site of interconnected struggles for community power and self-determination from the uprisings in Ferguson, Missouri to Standing Rock and the Oceti Sakowin Camp in South/North Dakota to the Flint, Michigan water crisis to the murder of George Floyd and resulting deepening of mutual aid and community safety work in Minneapolis, Minnesota (that has rippled across the country). 

Despite the importance of the Midwest and the current political divides facing the Midwest, this region remains overlooked by many funders, particularly funders with an orientation to justice and equity. There is a great need to increase support for movement work in the Midwest that is building a future where Black, Indigenous, and people of color and low-income communities thrive. 


The Midwest Organizing Infrastructure Funders program provides:

  • Informational sessions that highlight Midwest organizing efforts to help funders understand approaches to community power building in the Midwest and build deeper partnerships with grassroots organizations
  • City and state-based funder sessions that support funders in building trust with one another and engage in funder organizing 
  • Regional gatherings of funders in the Midwest to promote greater alignment and collaboration among Midwest funders
  • Campaigns that provide opportunities to directly support organizing in the Midwest and engage in deep learning on a specific issue in the Midwest
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