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IRSG’s 2024 Rural Equity Summit Resource Page

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Values Aligned Investment Praxis Group

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NFG’s February Newsletter: an invitation to NFG’s Integrated Rural Strategies Group’s 2024 Rural Equity Summit

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NFG’s December Newsletter: NFG reflects on 2023 and plans for the path ahead

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2024 Discount Foundation Legacy Award: Call for Nominations

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NFG’s November Newsletter: how member feedback is helping NFG shape 2024 programming

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Philanthropy’s Contradiction in the Latest Housing Crisis

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NFG’s October Newsletter: NFG’s Amplify Fund is growing and moving money

Graphic notes from a session on the connections between philanthropy and racial capitalism.

NFG’s September Newsletter: Reflections on FJE’s second Racial Capitalism Community of Practice cohort

Teams from NFG and CHANGE Philanthropy pose together for a group photo on an outside terrace at the Hotel Ballast.

NFG’s August Newsletter: NFG members take action this summer

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DDP June 2023 Event Update

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NFG’s July Newsletter: (re)introducing Manisha Vaze, NFG’s Vice President of Programs!