Resilience to Abundance:
Organizing to move beyond rural resilience toward abundance for all


Thursday, December 9th 
11am-1pm PT / 12-2pm MT / 1-3pm CT / 2-4pm ET
Followed by a 30-minute informal mixer (starting at 1pm PT / 4pm ET)

NFG’s Integrated Rural Strategies Group (IRSG) invites you to join us for our second annual flagship event – the Multiracial Rural Equity Summit. Grounded in the histories, power, and self-assertion of rural communities, this event will showcase how rural communities have resisted and built power to move from resilience and toward abundance for all.

On the afternoon of Thursday, December 9th, funders and rural community leaders will come together to engage in stories, dialogue, and share and receive calls to action for how philanthropy can and should resource rural organizing as an integral funding strategy to address climate justice, land sovereignty, building a multiracial democracy, and more.

The Themes of Multiracial Rural Equity

The IRSG Summit will incorporate the following motifs as we explore the stories and solutions held by rural communities:

  • Seeds: seeds of history, of ancestral wisdom, of hyperlocal communities, of collective liberation and abundance.
  • Transnationalism: histories of Indigeneity and self-assertion as resistance and progress, and the power of people transcending borders.
  • Resilience to Abundance: resilience and the potential for abundance is embodied by rural communities — including Indigenous, Black, Transnational, immigrant & refugee, and low-wage workers living in rural places.

These themes lie at the essence of multiracial rural power. What does this mean in practice, and how can philanthropy support this work, so these stories and solutions can create abundance for rural communities and beyond?

Summit Agenda

Speakers and agenda details will be added as confirmed. Note that our hope is that attendees will join for the full event, but we welcome folks to come and go and engage in whatever way works best for them.

11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

 Welcome, Grounding, Context setting

11:15am PT / 2:15pm ET

Sessions will explore the Histories, Trends, and Opportunities for Building Rural Power 

  • Exploring intersections of immigration, worker justice, and building power of rural food systems workers in New York State and the South
  • Dialogue on racial justice and climate justice organizing among rural communities in the Midwest
  • An up-close look at how Oregon's rural communities are building power with the support of statewide equity funding strategies

12:15pm PT / 3:15pm ET

*10-minute Break*

12:25pm PT / 3:25pm ET

Dialogue & Discussion on Actionable Learnings for Funders

12:45pm PT / 3:45pm ET

Closing with Commitments & Call to Action

1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

30-minute Informal Mixer immediately following closing

IRSG Summit Planning Committee

  • Stephan Cheney, Neighborhood Funders Group
  • Erin Dysart, Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Lisa Fasolo Frishman, Engage New York
  • Kat Gilje, Ceres Trust
  • Domenico Romero, Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock
  • Lindsay Ryder, Neighborhood Funders Group
  • Ryan Strode, Franciscan Sisters of Mary
  • As well as IRSG’s Movement Advisors Committee Members:
    • Jaime Arredondo, Capaces Leadership Institute
    • Eowyn Corral, Dakota Rural Action
    • Angel Garcia, Californians for Pesticide Reform & CAPS (Coalition Advocating for Pesticide Safety)
    • Janssen Hang, Hmong American Farmers Association
    • Julianne Jackson, Partnership for Safety and Justice
    • Brandie Mack, The Butterfly Movement
    • Fabiola Ortiz Valdez, Food Chain Workers Alliance

Event Details


Dec 9, 2021

11:00 am - 2:10 am