To make the 2023 National Convening accessible to those who could not join us in Wilmington, our team decided to record each of the plenary sessions that took place. With the help of local videographers, NFG was also able to capture footage centering Amplify Fund's grantee partners in Eastern North Carolina and the award celebration hosted at the Cameron Art Museum. To view the videos below, click on any of the images and you'll be redirected to NFG's National Convening YouTube Playlist.

Plenary 1 | May 9,2023:  "The Roots of Racial Capitalism In Eastern North Carolina and the South"

In this opening plenary, hear how NFG is continuing to build a community of funder organizers who support community organizing and power building. Learn how that work is happening in practice in Eastern North Carolina through the stories of community leaders and funders in Wilmington.

Plenary 2 | May 10, 2023: "Connecting to Local Communities: Participatory Practices in Grantmaking"

This plenary discussion offered examples of participatory grantmaking practices to liberate money with community care and participation that supports power sharing, co-decision making, and building power. Utilizing the wide range of their experience, speakers shared the various models and ways they are engaging in participatory grantmaking, as well as the challenges of implementing participatory practices.

Plenary 3 | May 11, 2023: "How We Build Together: Shifting Philanthropic Culture to Support Progressive Movements Towards Liberation and Self-Determination"

This final plenary featured a conversation about how funders can support movement and social justice organizations that are organizing and democratizing their workplaces through unionization efforts and collective bargaining. Panelists discussed the opportunities these efforts have to strengthen movement organizations, deepen their capacity to build power, and actualize their visions and purpose, as well as the underlying tensions that can exist as organizations recognize a staff union and bargain a first contract.

Strategy Session | May 10, 20023: "Engage & Educate – Organizing Philanthropy to Prepare for the Implications of the June 2023 SCOTUS Docket"

This strategy session elevated the lessons learned from previous SCOTUS decisions, highlighted work that is already happening in the sector to address the resulting impacts, and identified plans that can be put in place before and when SCOTUS decisions are made. The session also encouraged participants to consider preemptive, immediate, and long term collective action that leaders in philanthropy can engage in.

Grantee Partner Spotlight: "Nothing About Us Without Us Is For Us!"

In this video, you will hear directly from NFG's Amplify Fund grantees in the East North Carolina region about the challenges, the amazing organizing work, and the continued needs of the region.

May 10, 2023: "Highlights from Celebration and Connection at the Cameron Art Museum"

Watch highlights of the NFG community enjoying the celebration of the 2023 awardees of the Discount Foundation Legacy Award and NFG Award for Excellence in Community Leadership in Extraordinary Times!

May 10, 2023: "Connection and Celebration at the Cameron Art Museum"

Watch the 2023 awardees of the NFG Award for Excellence in Community Leadership in Extraordinary Times, Shona Chakravartty, and the Discount Foundation Legacy Award, Angaza Sababu Laughinghouse, deliver powerful acceptance speeches on the importance of funder and labor organizing.

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May 8, 2023 - May 11, 2023


Wilmington, NC